symptoms of heart diseases

What are the earliest symptoms of heart diseases?

It is often observed that numerous people do not take their heart condition seriously. They tend to ignore the initial warning signs. Most cases reveal that people either do not recognize those signs or misunderstand them for a less serious disease. Most of them are unaware of their family ancestry of heart-related issues as well.

Don’t Miss out on the Initial Warning Signs related to a Heart Disease

There is a typical misjudgment that minor suffering or pain in body parts cannot lead to a health issue. It is a lesser known fact that many heart attacks do not occur due to chest pain or unconsciousness. Truth be told, a few signs are insignificant to the point that individuals ignore or expel them completely. In case you notice any indications, simply get a test for heart diseases or inquire from your specialist whether the symptoms could lead to a heart disease or not.


This difficult condition is often the predecessor of heart failure. It is a condition that can repeat for a considerable length of time without setting off any more genuine signs. It is the most widely recognized early signal of cardiac disease and can be noticed in several ways. Symptoms include –  chest feeling heavy, extreme pain, a crushing sensation, a feeling of weight on the chest or when you hard time breathing. Agina is often mistaken by various individuals when they feel any kind of heartburn or acidity. It is because the pain they feel takes place in not one but various body parts. The parts include – shoulders, upper and lower back as well as jaw.


Building up of plague in and around the artery area is known as Atherosclerosis.
The artery starts narrowing or hardening because of the development of plaque from an excessive amount of cholesterol. In this condition, the blood transfer from artery from heart become slow as the area is blocked due to a plague.  The heart then has to work a little more. Therefore, whenever you start having a hard time keeping your feet and hands warm, that means that you’re having a poor blood flow. Get a blood test as soon as possible if anything of this happens.

Other Symptoms Related to Heart Diseases

In many cases, a heart disease symptoms travel from one body part to another without an individual having the slightest clue about it. You should be aware of these symptoms, they include – feeling out of breath quickly after exercising or walking quickly; heart pounding or quick heartbeat. Numerous individuals below the age of 50 tend to reject these signs in the especially if the indications occur only sometimes.

A Family History of Early Heart Disease or Heart Attacks

In case, a certain family member is suffering from a heart disease, chances are that the disease could be hereditary. This means, in the future, you too might develop it. Thus, it is important for all your family to get tested. Whether it is a parent, kid or youngster. Prevention is better than cure and being aware of a heart issue in an early stage helps to treat it in a better way.

silent indications of heart diseases

Do you know heart diseases have some silent indications as well?

In several cases, individuals have learned about their heart disease after getting a health check-up. They did not feel or heart the signs of it. An extreme shoot up of cholesterol level is one such indication. If your test reports declare that you have high cholesterol, you may be having a heart disease.

If you wish to learn more about the disease, simply contact Diagnostics Centre. Also,whenever you discover high cholesterol levels in your body, get a heart-related test immediately.


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