Pregnancy Care

Things To Consider When You Are Pregnant!

“Maa banne ka ehsas,hai kuch khas”

I strongly agree to the above-mentioned sentence, because being pregnant is not just a thing, instead, it’s a feeling- an incomparable feeling that gives you a new hope of living. Here we bring to you, 10 things to keep in mind when it comes to pregnancy. Ladies you need to take utmost care because now you have got the responsibility for two. Have a look at these exclusive tips for your healthy pregnancy.

Keep your calm!

The moment you find yourself pregnant, a lot of things might cross your mind.

  • oh my god! should I be happy about it or sad about the responsibilities?
  • Am I healthy enough to deal with it?
  • Should I run to the doctor?
  • I am finally going to be a mother
  • Am I gonna get too heavy?

Well! It is firstly important to keep your calm! The calmer you will be, the better you will deal with it. Confirm your pregnancy before you spread the news.

Don’t eat these foods

The very moment you have to become more responsible- especially when it comes to food. You need to be very selective while choosing the food for it. Here is the list of few food items you should avoid in pregnancy.

  • Raw meat
  • Raw egg
  • Soft cheese
  • Smoked seafood
  • Unpasteurized dairy

Instead switch to lean protein, green vegetables, healthy fat and a lot of water.

Quit Drinking and Smoking!

Drinking and smoking is the biggest enemy of your pregnancy, I recommend you to quit this habits the minute you plan your family. This will help you in a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby.

Pregnancy Cure

Know when to call the doctor.

Pregnancy is a crucial part of your life where not even a little ignorance is permitted. Hence, you should call the doctor in the following situation:

  • Any kind of pain
  • When you feel strong cramps
  • Contractions at short intervals
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • When you fall short of breath
  • Trouble walking
  • Decreases baby activity.

Your unsolved questions and the tension to move forward with this responsibility is absolutely normal. Therefore you should most importantly enjoy the feeling of being pregnant- it’s really special and you shouldn’t ruin it with over-thinking!

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